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  • Recording Studios Images
  • UK Recording Studios Near London

Ten21 Recording Studio Videos

Ben - Michael Jackson UK recording "Black or White" @ Ten21 Recording Studios

Top UK Michael Jackson tribute act Ben visited us recently to record a few tracks for his upcoming tour.

Armed with backing tracks and his vocal talents, in no time at all we had nailed 5 tracks, as well as shooting some videos.

Whilst I'm no Michael Jackson aficionado, I have been recording for more decades than I'd like to admit and in my experience, I'm not sure how much closer to the original you could get.

See what you think.


Goosebumps recording "Shakin' Mother For Ya" by Champion Jack Dupree @ Ten21 Recording Studios

A 100% live performance in the recording studio without any 'fixes' editing, punching in, overdubs or tuning. There were no plugins whatsoever used and this was just a rough monitor mix on the day.

Goosebumps are a swing and jive band who, as you can see, have mastered the art of "not taking themselves too seriously", whilst never allowing any level hilarity to compromise the accuracy and professionalism of their playing. These guys are a lot of fun to work with and regularly "raise the roof" in their live performances. This is a preview track from Goosebumps brand new studio album, due for release later this year.


Emphasize Recording "Timebomb" @ Ten21 Recording Studios

This was shot recording the highly talented, formidable duo of Fuse and Mikey G who head up the band Emphasize Whilst their talents are derived from very different camps they combine perfectly to form this unique infusion of out and out rock, funk and intelligent rap, with that rare ingredient these days ....... melody.

I couldn't resist grabbing my SLR camera and shooting Fuse in action. Believe it or not we actually used this take and it was tricky moving around being careful not to knock the mic stand. Meanwhile the other side of the glass you can just make out Mikey at the helm, steering the ship.

Charlie Kenny - In the Drum Booth

Charlie Kenny shooting a promo video for Paiste cymbals

Graham Landi - Featuring Ten21's Sean Kenny

Live acoustic performance of "What if I'm Right" from Graham Landi's debut album "Halfway Home", recorded at Ten21 recording studios. Playing second guitar and singing harmony is resident producer Sean Kenny.

Charlie Kenny - Drum Playalong

Charlie Kenny at the end of a hard days session, has some fun with a little drum play-along on his Mapex Saturn V drums to 'let the truth spill out' by Brother Strut. Cool Track!

Charlie Kenny - Mapex Armoury demo

Another video shoot by Charlie demoing the Mapex Armoury series when it first came out for Korg Percussion.